SAP Hybris Commerce Mobile Module

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SAP Hybris Commerce Mobile Module

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SAP Hybris Commerce Mobile Module

Today’s mobile devices are so much more than simple communications devices; they are lifestyle assistants that enable people to connect, interact, and transact. Mobile not only gives customers power, but organizations too and increasingly they are creating mobile-specific sites where customers can browse and buy. SAP Hybris Commerce, Mobile Module provides out-of-the-box support for all mobile commerce processes from rich product presentation over search and navigation to mobile payment and fulfillment. It is fully integrated into the SAP Hybris Commerce solution so retailers can easily integrate mobile as part of a holistic omni-channel strategy.

Key Business Challenges:

Integrating Mobile into an existing commerce environment
Organizations want to make mobile an extension of their commerce strategy and deploy a solution that works across multiple devices and for different mobile platforms. Mobile capabilities provide a holistic, customer-centric strategy enabling you to integrate mobile into your existing e-commerce environment and link it across all different channels.

Reaching a broad customer base
With the increasing adoption of smartphones, customers are increasingly using their mobile phones to buy products whenever they want and wherever they are; organizations can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity. Mobile is handset agnostic and includes responsive website templates, enabling mobile stores to be deployed easily on any device.

Ensuring a consistent brand appearance across all channels
In a fragmenting world with many touchpoints, you need to provide customers with a universal brand experience across all channels. Mobile capabilities are integrated with SAP Hybris Product Content Management (PCM) for synchronized and efficient content delivery across all channels. SAP Hybris enables organizations to fully integrate mobile into
their commerce strategy.

Delivering a great mobile shopping experience
Mobile capabilities enable you to build exceptional mobile customer experiences through responsive website templates that automatically adapt to the various mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) and provide the same set of capabilities as your standard online storefront. In addition, the Mobile App SDK for iOS and Android enables you to create exceptional, integrated mobile commerce apps that set you apart from the competition.

With SAP Hybris, mobile becomes more than a “portable website” platform; it becomes a vehicle for driving traffic to Web sites and retail stores, researching products and pricing on the go, and even optimizing business processes across customers, partners and suppliers.

Key Benefits:

  • Fully integrates mobile into the greater commerce infrastructure to enable sophisticated strategies for using mobile to drive sales and optimize processes.
  • Works on all mobile devices, even older phones.
  • Supports all m-commerce processes, from search to purchase.
  • Enables you to create mobile-optimized websites easily for all devices using responsive website templates.
  • iOS and Android Mobile App SDK for creating customized unique applications.
  • Offers barcode integration as an omni-channel link (e.g., for marketing campaigns).
  • Enables the use of SMS to deliver alerts, product information, promotions, etc. to customers.
  • Ensures that content and branding is consistent with other channels.
  • Supports HTML5.


  • Engage customers personally through one-to-one mobile communication.
  • Drive omni-channel commerce with barcode functionality and location based services.
  • Shorten the time between seeing an advertisement and completing a purchase by adding barcodes to ads that direct customers to a landing page where they can buy the products directly.
  • Execute sophisticated push and pull SMS and MMS campaigns to reach all the customers that might not know barcodes or hate to browse on the web.
  • Provide customers with value-added product information and content (e.g. store locator with directions to the nearest store that has a product in stock).
  • Keep the dialog with customers alive and keep them informed about new products, promotions or local deals through automated regular app updates.

SAP Hybris Responsive Design

Responsive Website Templates
Responsive web design is originally defined by responses to the needs of the users and the devices they’re using. The layout of a site changes based on the size and capabilities of the device.

For example, on a phone, users would see content shown in a single column view; a tablet might show the same content in two columns. With mobile capabilities and SAP Hybris Customer Experience, users can easily create and manage responsive sites from within a single UI.

The default implementation offers four breakpoints to cover resolutions of different types of devices available in the market. Additionally, responsive components ensure appropriate image sizes for a given breakpoint. You can also assign different images for different devices.

SAP Hybris Commerce, Mobile Module: where omni-channel reaches its full potential

Delivering the capabilities required to make the mobile platform a strategic weapon for driving commerce.

Commerce Management:

  • Let customers buy products from wherever they are and whenever they want by adding a mobile store to the commerce arsenal.
  • Develop a mobile store cost-effectively with responsive website templates.
  • Use mobile capabilities of SAP Hybris pre-configured sample apps to create unique, fully integrated applications that leverage all available mobile phone features (i.e. GPS, camera, QR-code scanning, NFC, etc.) and support all commerce processes (i.e. customer account management, product search and details, checkout process, cart management, etc.).
  • Ensure brand and product content consistency by integrating mobile into a centralized product content management system, SAP Hybris PCM.
  • Enable efficient fulfillment by displaying stock levels, offering Buy Online Pick Up In Store options, and providing SMS notification of order status and delivery times.

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